Coral Sea

The Coral Sea

Fiberglass Pool Model

coral sea fiberglass swimming pool barrier reef
coral sea lounger fiberglass swimming pool barrier reef

The Coral Sea fiberglass pool is one of our most popular models. Many people have chosen the Coral Sea because of its freeform design and versatile features. We have five models available in the Coral Sea line and, like all Barrier Reef pools, the Coral Sea comes in one of six different color options. This model comes in 40-, 35-, and 31-foot versions. The Coral Sea Lounger, which features a lounging ledge, comes in two sizes: 35-foot and 31-foot.

The Coral Sea is home to tranquil islands, beautiful ocean water and some of the world’s finest beaches. The Coral Sea off the northeast coast of Australia contains numerous tropical islands and reefs, as well as the world’s largest reef system, the Great Barrier Reef. Take a dip in your own Coral Sea anytime your heart desires.