Pool FAQ's

Our swimming pools come with a lifetime structural warranty. The gelcoat finish warranty is 15 years. Please refer to warranty structure for full reference.

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools LLC. boasts one of the largest and most modern ranges in the fiberglass pool industry. Consisting of many pool styles, a range of spas and tanning ledges to complement our pools.

Yes, our pools come with a limited lifetime structural warranty and our gel coat is warranted against blistering for a total of 15 years. View Warranty.

The cost of a fiberglass pool can vary depending upon the size and the features your project requires. Overall, fiberglass pools have a lower total cost of ownership versus concrete or vinyl liner pools. At Barrier Reef USA, we work with several reputable lenders that offer great rates for financing, so getting into a fiberglass pool has never been easier.

On average, the installation of an outdoor pool typically requires 8-12 weeks. However, with fiberglass pools, the installation time is significantly reduced to just 5 days. Our pools are pre-formed and equipped with all the expected features, ensuring a hassle-free experience. When you purchase your pool, it will arrive ready for installation in your preferred color.

Yes, our fiberglass pool models are installed in both indoor and outdoor applications. We work with very creative installers who can make your dream pool a reality. Let your imagination run wild and let your installer guide you throughout the project.

Yes, you can. We manufacture add on and stand-alone fiberglass hot tub for your swimming pool installation project. Our fiberglass spas are built using the same technology we use to build our pools, so you will be secure in knowing that our spas are built to last.

You will not need a permit to purchase one of our fiberglass pools, but you may need one to have the pool installed. Each market is different so, it’s best to speak with your installer and to have them work with local authorities to ensure your pool gets installed legally and without issue.

Fiberglass pools will not leak as they come as one pre-formed piece. Unlike concrete, which can crack and fall apart over time. If a leak is detected it’s most likely from incorrect installation, which can be fixed in most cases.