The purpose of the project was for the parents to have a way to control the peer group of their children, creating a safe and fun environment. Every part of this project was custom and unique to their family and how their family was going to use the outdoor living space. Especially the two-story pool house that included an outdoor shower, bathroom, storage, and kitchen area.

The original focus of the project was an inground pool for the family. However, the focus changed from the pool to the custom reclaimed barnwood pool house. This became the focal point of the job, and everything else centered around that- second only to the pool.

Some of the unique materials or methods used on this project was the chemical-free pool. Their pool is entirely without chemicals and uses a special system to keep it clean. When we found out that the customer grew up on a farm, we changed the material from conventional rough cut cedar to barn beams and wood from the 1800’s which gave it its unique look. The metal roof was a must. We used a travertine tile for the pool decking as it was conducive for this climate and gave it a rustic elegant look. We also added outdoor LED lighting which allows you to feel like you’re at a wilderness resort!