Why Would You Want to Invest in a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are an amazing investment for your yard! Sturdy, built to last, beautiful and sleek, these pools are designed to wow. Coming in a range of sizes and colors, there is a Barrier Reef model for almost any yard.
Investing in a swimming pool Appleton

So Many Options

Made right here in the USA, these fiberglass pools are hand made to last. Designed to move along with the freeze and thaw cycle, these pools are durable and beautiful. The model options of Barrier Reef pools are extensive, each offering a different size, depth, shape, and safety swim shelf options. Not to mention that you can choose from a list of options what color you would like your pool to be!

Automatic Covers

A very popular shape for installation is a rectangular pool. Not only do they have the most usable space, it also offers the unique potential to have an automatic cover! Automatic covers are incredible features to add to the ease of your pool process. With a keypad to enter in the code you have chosen, your pool can be opened or closed in under a minute. Safe, easy and clean, the automatic cover rolls back under the pavers leaving no mess or burden of having to cover the pool yourself. In some counties, automatic covers can also take the place of a fence!

Easy Maintenance

Fiberglass pools also offer clean water that is easy on the skin. Using salt that is converted into chlorine, these pool systems are much less aggressive on skin, swimsuits, and pool materials than a traditional chlorinated pool. Traditional concrete pools are porous, which can be a breeding ground for algae and can also be damaging on skin and swimsuits. The smooth surface of a fiberglass pool makes it easy to clean and maintain. When comparing regular maintenance of a fiberglass against other pool options, we see again and again that fiberglass is cheapest to maintain and has less long term repairs needed as well.

These pools can be installed in as little as two days! The quick installation is a feature our customers love, seeing the transformation of their backyard in only a few hours. Some customers love to use their pools for exercise, others for relaxation, the choice really is up to you! Download our Ebook on pools to learn more about these pools and to see why fiberglass pools really are the future of pools!