Fiberglass Pool Installation

Once you’ve chosen the fiberglass pool design you love, we start installing it for you.

Fiberglass Pool Installation Process

Step 1: Fiberglass Pool Excavation

To ensure precision, we utilize a design template that matches the size and shape of your purchased fiberglass in-ground pool. This template helps us accurately lay out the placement of the pool. We also use a dig print that is customized to your pool’s specific design and shape. The excavation process is done with great care to avoid the need for back-fill and ensure the hole is compacted properly, minimizing the risk of settling issues.

Step 2: Pool Installation Delivery

The fiberglass pool will be delivered to your home on a truck-trailer. Our team of professionals will carefully unload the pool from the trailer and lower it into the prepared hole, which includes a compacted bed of gravel. During the installation process, we use guide stakes, string lines, and laser levels to ensure precise placement and proper leveling of the in-ground pool.

Step 3: Fiberglass Pool Leveling

After placing the pool on the gravel bed, the floor of the pool, the swimming pool installer will inspect it to ensure that there are no voids or humps that were formed during the placement. Water is then added to the pool simultaneously along with backfill. Continuous checking of the levelness of the pool is critical.

Step 4: Fiberglass Pool Plumbing

Once the pool is positioned on the gravel bed, our swimming pool installer carefully examines the pool floor to ensure there are no gaps or uneven areas created during the placement. At this stage, water is added to the pool while simultaneously backfilling is done. It is crucial to continuously monitor the pool’s levelness throughout this process.

Step 5: Fiberglass Pool Deck Preparation

Once the water and back-fill are finished, the next step involves preparing the gravel for the pool deck that surrounds it. Common options for the decking material are concrete or pavers. During this stage, final adjustments are made to ensure proper leveling and shape, and any necessary bonding is also performed.

Step 6: Fiberglass Pool Coping

At this stage, the pool installation process includes the installation of concrete decking, pavers, or a combination of both around the pool area. The installer will also incorporate various accessories and features such as handrails, ladders, water sheers, and deck jets into the pool design.

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